Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Up

I am a Social Worker in Private Practice. Prior to Private Practice I worked with an NGO which, even though I left under severe stress the experience provided me with much valuable knowledge and understandings. Even though I wouldn't suggest this experience to anyone. Thoughts of suicide, and severe depression were not good outcomes from my first experience working as a social worker. However I was able to salvage a little of my self and find ways to move beyond the bullying and head in a completely different direction.

Here I am seven years later still maintaining a private practice and being able to pay the bills and keep food on the table.

I have decided to open this blog because I realised that I have so much that I need to say and even if there isn't anyone reading this, I still can use it as a means of expressing myself and venting my frustrations. With a little bit of luck perhaps someone will read it and gain something from what I say. Its a little refreshing to know that I can go Blah and that I don't have to be extremely political correct and I can say what I want to say without naming people. That it is okay to spout of at the mouth and know that it doesn't really matter. I don't intend to hurt others through what I write but I certainly may hurt some peoples feelings as I rant about the social work profession and the encounters I have with other professionals who are working from a completely different framework than mine.

There are times I feel very alone working in the areas that I work. I am able to organise some form of supervision with colleagues that I know but often it is a lonely place listening to peoples stories and giving all the time but not necessarily receiving anything from anyone else. Always being available but rarely having people available to you to talk to about all manner of disasters which may be happening in my life. I am indeed grateful for the staff who work in the same office suite that I do because they are fantastic to talk to but they are very busy as well.

Confidentiality is a problem so it will be difficult talking about clients and related issues. I will have to be mindful that anyone can access this blog and may make connections between what I am saying and themselves. If I just remain focussed on myself then I suppose I will be relatively safe. How egocentric is that? Feel okay with that though. Focusing on self, oh, what a good idea.

This is an intro in a sense and will follow with some more challenging ideas and concepts that hopefully will amaze myself.

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