Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oranges and Sunshine

This week I took the opportunity to see the Australian movie, Oranges and Sunshine. Through the eyes of a social worker and the adults who were sent to Australia as children, this story highlights the work of one person, Margaret Humphries, a UK Social Worker, to seek some understandings as to why these children were sent to Australia and the damage done to them. The focus of the her work was to seek an explanation as to why they were deported, seek an apology for the way these children were treated, to acknowledge the damage done and for there to be some kind of healing.

This was an honest interpretation of what Social Workers are capable of doing. She discovered an issue which has never been fully explored before and chose to follow it through as far as possible. She was able to uncover a great injustice by enquiring and wondering. Her legacy will live on long after she has gone.

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