Saturday, March 4, 2017

What is "wrong" with politics in Australia

What is "wrong" with politics in Australia.

I could begin by being blatantly aggressive and say "everything". However, when I look at other countries I consider that as bad as our political system is it probably isn't as destructive as some. There is a mood of community unrest with our political system. Or is it something else? Perhaps it is the way the 'have nots" are relegated to the "never going to have" category and that people are becoming uncomfortable with the prospect that they will never achieve financial security, they will never own a home, they will never be able to send their children to the best schools, that they will have to retire on very little income, that they have been forgotten and discounted by their representatives.

The disdain for politicians is based on the politicians lack of engagement. Most people couldn't tell you who their local Federal and State members are. Until an election is on the horizon do they appear, to tell us how brilliant they have been and what policies they are now presenting that we need to accept as being the latest best thing for "us all". They fail to tell us that there real interests lie with their base, those who will vote for them no matter what they say or do, or a survey states that the electorate will vote for a particular issue because of the electorates demographics.

The days are limited where a politician can warm the political seat and provide very little community engagement. We should be demanding more from our politicians. We should be communicating with them about those issues which concern us, better education for our kids, increase in the minimal wage, better health care services, our views on immigration and unemployment etc. The problem is that many people are not concerned enough until an issue directly impacts them.

The Child Protection Party is aware that it isn't until a child is removed that parents realise the implication government policies and those enacting those policies have on their lives. We live in a world of complacency and ignorance which prevents us from taking action in ways which will determine how our lives are going to be impacted. We are self-centred, egocentric and void of the impact the decisions of politicians have on our lives. We have in the past accepted the status quo, the notion that we have to accept what is dished out to us because the insignificant have no resources to fight back. No one cares. I am don't matter.

We then have the rise of the special interest emotive parties. Those who play to the fears that are embedded in so many of us but lays dormant until we are told that it is in our best interest to present our uniqueness by disrespecting those whom we identify as being different. These politicians are as insignificant as those who present us with blandness, right and left politics. Yet it is this brand of politics which receives the coverage further fueling their influence and power.

What we need is a new political movement which focusses on the potential that exists in all of us, a party which represents the best in people regardless of where you come from. A party which confronts the power differential and provides a voice to those who feel powerless. We need a party such as the Child Protection Party which is dedicated to Fairness, Equity and Transparency. A party where politics is not about special interest groups, party allegiances,  nor personal gain but is about the concerns of the voiceless.

I was watching "Question Time" recently and reflected on how abusive our politicians are of each other. I know that to a large extent this is a show. Later on in the evening many of them will be joking about what was said in parliament about the other. Does this mean that the rugged Aussie needs to witness political combatants verbally bashing each other so that we can feel represented. If we witnessed this behaviour in a school yard we would be appalled. What ever happened to a sensible debate based on facts rather than verbally assaulting the other. Fortunately not many people I know watch question time but it does tell us how our politicians view their roles. They see themselves as having to defend their version of the "holy grail". To do otherwise would be seen as weak and ineffectual.

The Child Protection Party confronts all these stereotypes by presenting an alternative. The alternative is non-combative in the conventional sense. We are not going to name-call and denigrate others so that we can feel superior or powerful. We have one mission and that is to represent all our constituents and colleagues with dignity and respect regardless of how you choose to respond to us. We will never compromise our principles. We will always be present to make sure that your views are represented. If we disagree with your views because they are different to ours we will accept that, and we will respect you for those views. We will listen to you but we in turn expect you to listen to us.

There is a new player on the block. We are determined to make a difference. Join us.

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